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Give the power of visual expression to your architecture!

Visually articulate your architecture with 3EE6TY. Give system context and capacity to view details to all stakeholders


Share development principles and guidelines outline as a part of your architecture.

  • Attach Contextual documents and explanatory diagrams to user stories, features, and epics.
  • Get every member of your team to understand the unified principles and guidelines that deliver the best customer value without compromising business strategy.

Visually track progress at all layers of your architecture.

  • Attach epics and features to diagram elements in order to enable visual progress tracking.
  • Track progress at the overall system context level and drill down to epics and features when and where necessary

Invite and meet your teams to collaborate quickly and easily.

  • Solve problems arising out of change requests and evolving requirements and generate new ideas.
  • Give a human touch and personalization effect to your efforts even when you are working remotely.