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Use the power of visuals to align your team and stakeholders.

With 3ee6ty’s power packed visual interface and tool kit, diagram your project context and drill down to build details of processes and people. Attach Epics and Features to visually track progress and do much more.


Collaborate. Diagram. Track.

See your project in context! Always!

Build Visual Context

Get your team to see the overall architecture. Visually document your project and help your agile team to understand complexity.

Drill down to details

Begin from an overall picture and let your teams drill down to the specifics. Declutter the workspace and build better collaboration.

Involve your team

Invite your team to collaboratively build the architecture. Brainstorm before finalizing and publishing your visual.

Track progress Visually

Attach Epics and Features to your diagram and let us do the heavy lifting of tracking and progress reporting.

Ensure stakeholder Buy In

Forget misalignment.
Bring your stakeholders onto the same page and ensure buy-in at each stage of your project.