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Humanize your team’s remote work with instant access to HD Video Conferencing.

Reduce your team’s emotional stress in dealing with absence of face to face connect. Enhance the sense of being connected even when working remotely. See and be seen and keep your personal touch alive.


Express ideas freely and get more done!

Simplified video conferencing to meet the communication demands of your project

Context aware meeting preservation

Build accountability by always having access to who said what. Save recordings in the context of your team’s work

Quick one-click meetings

Access video conferencing in one click. Be available instantly. Save time spent in scheduling, and coordinating a meeting.

Auto transcribe meeting content

Make meetings more productive. Let us do the heavy load lifting and generate transcripts while your team focuses on important work.

Quickly convert conversation into action

Never ever forget action points and decisions taken during a meeting. Jump right into action and delight your stakeholders.

Track the time spent in meetings

Meetings are no longer a waste of time. Track the hours spent in meetings and measure it against work done in the project.