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Case Study: Prakya’s Agile Transformation for Optimal App Development


A growing app development company found itself grappling with the challenges of managing an expanding scope of projects, diverse clientele, and the increasing complexity of development efforts. The primary concern was to enhance the frequency of releases while maintaining a stringent commitment to delivering error-free applications.


Recognizing the need for a robust and scalable solution, the app development company turned to Prakya for guidance. Prakya proposed an Agile Release Train (ART) tailored to the unique needs of the company. Additionally, Prakya recommended the implementation of its Unified Agile Workplace tool, a comprehensive solution for effective Program Management.

The Agile Release Train was meticulously engineered to facilitate seamless collaboration among cross-functional teams. Prakya conducted Program Increment (PI) and Sprint Planning events to curate the program backlog, set priorities, and establish a clear roadmap for development. To further enhance agility, the Scrumban approach was deployed, blending the best of Scrum and Kanban methodologies. A dedicated team of Program Managers and Scrum Masters was strategically positioned to oversee the successful execution of the Agile framework.


The adoption of Prakya’s Agile Transformation brought forth a myriad of benefits for the app development company:

Enhanced Collaboration: The Agile Release Train fostered collaboration among different teams, breaking down silos and creating a unified development environment.

Improved Project Prioritization: Through PI and Sprint Planning events, the company gained a structured approach to prioritizing projects, ensuring that resources were allocated efficiently.

Reduced Time-to-Market: The Scrumban approach enabled the development teams to adapt quickly to changing requirements, resulting in faster development cycles and accelerated time-to-market for applications.

Error-Free Deliveries: By instilling Agile practices, the development process became more iterative, allowing for continuous testing and quality assurance. This led to a significant reduction in errors and defects in the final releases.

Increased Release Frequency: The company achieved its objective of increasing the frequency of releases, meeting the demands of a dynamic market and staying ahead of the competition.


The successful implementation of Prakya’s Agile Transformation resulted in a streamlined and efficient app development process for the growing company. With a well-defined Agile Release Train, a Unified Agile Workplace, and the Scrumban methodology, the company experienced a marked improvement in collaboration, prioritization, and delivery speed. As a result, the company not only met its goal of releasing applications with zero errors but also exceeded expectations by achieving a higher release frequency, positioning itself as a dynamic and responsive player in the competitive app development industry.


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