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Experience Truly Agile Project Management

Deliver results that make sense to your customers more frequently. Gain customer trust by making your work visible to them. Help your teams to collaboratively decide the progress of projects without losing focus on what your customers want.


Managing Agile Teams and Projects is a breeze with Prakya!

Solutions, Portfolios, Programs, Projects, and Sprints perfectly aligned with business strategy and customer value!

Maximize Productivity

Maintain a razor sharp focus on what you want to do and maximize productivity with a clutter free Interface.

Capture Customer Needs

Develop a customer first culture by capturing customer needs in user stories, features and epics.

Deliver Relentlessly!

Use Kanban Boards, Dev Sprints and Release Bundles to deliver customer value release after release, relentlessly!

Orchestrate Visually

Build and track your projects visually, with 3ee6ty visual orchestrator. Start at the top and drill down to details.

Simplify Communication

Communicate seamlessly with messaging & video conferencing. No more switching tabs and context.

Share Relevant Information

Empower true team collaboration and contribution to meaningful decisions by sharing relevant data in real time.

A True Collaboration Tool

Stay away from doing work about work. Leave it to Prakya to do the heavy load lifting in creating visibility.